SPUNTEX Company for Engineering Nonwovens is a high technology company that uses spunbond continuous filament polyester (PET) to manufacture dimensionally stable spunbond nonwoven mats.

The nonwoven mats are used for technical applications such as reinforcement for roofing membranes and also as geotextiles for civil engineering projects. Top of the line German and Italian machinery and the latest know-how were incorporated to deliver the best products.

SPUNTEX has developed a resilient spunbond polyester mat to meet the high demands required of it in each application.

Rigorous quality assurance and quality control are applied to the entire production process starting from raw materials up to the point where the product is shipped to the customer.

A fully equipped laboratory is available onsite to make sure that all stages of production are closely controlled in accordance with ISO, DIN, ASTM, and INDA/EDANA standards. Whether you are a roofing membranes producer or a user of geotextile, SPUNTEX is where you will find the best quality products.





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